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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

How many calories should you be eating if you want to lose weight? What about if you want to gain weight? How many grams of protein? Should you be low carb? Can you eat what you want as long as you eat within a caloric deficit?

There is a lot of questions surrounding nutrition, and without a doubt, it is where a high majority of people trip up when it comes to trying to turn their lives and their fitness around. This is why I offer Health & Nutrition coaching on this site - because if a person can nail this part of their lives down, then they can truly begin to move mountains in their life.

With that being said, anyone is more than capable of navigating this frontier on their own. All it takes is being properly educated and consistently dedicated! Check out the video below to get all the information you'll need to begin to solve the number puzzle of figuring out how to construct the caloric requirements of your diet as well as the macronutrient breakdown!

I also have an ebook that covers a lot of these topics in further detail.

Nutrition is so important and lays the foundation for our health and dictates what kind of results we get from our training. It can not be an afterthought in your life! I strongly urge you to begin to take steps towards optimizing this part of your life if you are not doing so already. I hope I was able to clear up some of the confusion surrounding calories in this article.

As always, if you need help, I got your back.


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