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Valor Train Heroic

All you need, all year long


  • Receive workouts directly to your phone 7 days per week

  •  Utilize multiple training modalities within workouts cycled throughout the year

  • Build muscle, increase strength, and optimize your conditioning

  • Exclusive access to instructional videos, Team Valor community, and coaches to provide feedback and keep you focused on your goals


"Chris is an extremely knowledgeable and helpful coach! As a competitive athlete in high school, Chris’s programs saw me effectively gain mass and add 100+ pounds to my deadlift, 75+ pounds to my squat, and 50+ pounds to my bench in a 5 month off season training program.

When I turned focus to marathons and ultra distance triathlons, Chris was the first person I contacted for a training program, and his approach is largely responsible for my Marathon and Ironman 70.3 finishes.

He is not only a knowledgeable coach, but extremely personable, and easy to work with, and flexible. His well rounded expertise in fitness makes him an incredible resource and coach for anyone looking to unlock their potential physically."
-AJ J.
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online workout program


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About Your Coach

My name is Christopher Roy and I have been a health and fitness professional since I was nineteen years old.

I became the Training Director of my local Athletic Club at the age of twenty one and held that position for two years until I became the Programming Director of a CrossFit gym. Over the course of three years, I turned it into my current facility 'C-Roy Strength and Performance' that I have proudly owned and operated ever since.

In my 10+ year career I have been fortunate enough to stand alongside and learn from some of the best coaches in the industry today, all of which have had tremendous influence on my professional development. I have worked with and produced results with thousands of people ranging from professional athletes to those completely new to the gym. 

I appreciate you stopping by my site and encourage you to check out all the content I have put out to help. 

I hope to work with you in the future!


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