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our Mission

In my 10+ years as a health and fitness professional, hundreds of people have hired me to design and help them execute plans to achieve the goals they set for themselves. What I have come to find over the years is most of the time, people severely underestimate themselves. It is a great satisfaction to help people achieve their goals, but it my life’s purpose to show them they are capable of things they never thought possible. This is the sole purpose of the my online training program. Not only to help people improve their lives through the means of physical training, but to open the door and show them what they are truly capable of if they have the proper tools at their disposal as well as the belief in themselves to do it.

As a gym owner, my resources put a limit on how many people I can help. Training online expands my reach exponentially because it empowers the user by giving them control over their training regimen. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first workout of your life, or if you’re twenty years into your fitness journey, the program meets you where you are and allows you take charge as you work within the system with complete confidence.

This is your blueprint to taking control and unlocking the key to realizing your true potential. 

Your path to empowerment awaits.

We’re ready…

Are you?

meet the founder

Chris roy

Founder, Owner

Health & Fitness Professional

My name is Christopher Roy and I have been a health and fitness

professional since I was 18 years old. I fell in love with the gym and

training at the age of 15 and for the first time in my life, I

knew what passion was. I became a NASM Certified Personal

Trainer right out of high school and have been training people

ever since.

However, this is not where my story begins. I spent the majority of

the first five years of my life in the hospital. I suffered from severe

asthma and a lot of the medications they used to try and manage

it either didn’t work or caused serious allergic reactions. Being at

the mercy of my condition and relying on doctors and medications

to try and help me cope left me feeling helpless and weak.

This was my life until  age 14 as I received a physical and my

doctor told me I had high blood pressure. I was immediately

stricken with terror as my mind went directly back to that hospital

bed. I wasn’t going back.

I decided to take control of my life. I cleaned up my diet and began doing the only exercise I knew how to do at the time – run. I would run until I induced an asthma episode and then I would walk. I thought that if I could get through the asthma attacks and gain my breath back on my own, then my lungs would get stronger, and I would no longer need to rely on medications. Sometimes those struggles would last thirty minutes, sometimes they would last four hours or more – but I refused to take an inhaler. Over time, the attacks became less intense, and they eventually dissipated. I haven’t used asthma medication since.

Looking back, I am not sure if it was my methods that worked or if it was cleaning up my diet that did it. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the lesson I learned that year and the lesson I carry with me and try to pass on to every single person I work with and takes part in training with me.

That lesson is the power of choice. You can choose to be a victim of your circumstances, or you can choose to act in a way that puts you in a position to overcome them. We are given enormous power in our free will to choose. You can choose to change your life at any given moment. For me, that was sixteen years ago.

Since then, that little boy who was chained to that hospital bed by IV’s and breathing tubes has become a professional in the fitness space. I have traveled the country to learn from the best coaches in the industry and have been fortunate enough to touch and impact the lives of thousands of people through my work.

Team Valor is how I plan to impact the lives of millions across the globe. Check out the link on the home page for more information.

If I can overcome my past hurdles, I know you are capable of incredible things as well.

Before we can get started, you must make the choice.

You can choose to continue the path you’ve been on,

Or you can choose to take control here and now.

You have the goals, we have the plan. 

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