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YOU VS YOU: Mindset Coaching

The mind is the most powerful thing we possess as human beings. The way we harness its power and shape our mentality is hands down the most influential factor there is when it comes to impacting the outcome of any endeavor we choose to take on in our lives. Here's the secret... It is 100% within your control. YOU are the first and biggest obstacle you have to face on your way to wild success. YOU are the only thing truly standing in your way to achieving the life you want. It is You vs You! Conquering oneself is one of the hardest battles one can face during a lifetime. This program is our way to give you the tools needed to tip the scales towards success. Confidence, self-assurance, motivation, accountability, resiliency, purpose, perception. These are the qualities one needs to develop and nurture to create a mentality that will lead them to victory. WHAT YOU GET WITH MINDSET COACHING: - Initial 45 minute Introductory call where we identify your self-limiting beliefs and insecurities that are holding you back as well as set your goals for the program. - This is a 30 day program that is designed to help you achieve the goals set for you by completing exercises and challenges that will help you break the old habits and ways of thinking that left you feeling unfulfilled and allow you to begin to cultivate the Champion's Mentality that will guide you towards success. - Within the 30 day program you will get weekly coaching calls to check-in, progress through your program and help sustain accountability to see the program through to its completion. **PRICING IS AS FOLLOWS** $50 PER MONTH

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